Sebastian Park is the Director of Esports Development for the Houston Rockets and leads esports at Clutch Gaming.

A graduate of Yale University, Park spent his pre-esports career in tech startups as a technical product manager in San Francisco. While at the domain registrar company Namecheap, Park saw first-hand the value and growth potential of esports and made Namecheap the first domain registrar to enter esports, sponsoring esports teams including Team Liquid.

In 2015, Park joined Team Archon, an esports team with deep roots in Hearthstone and Dota 2. Serving initially as their COO and eventually as CEO, Park helped grow the brand through its partnerships and its competitive rosters.

In November 2016, Park joined the Houston Rockets to help bring the organization into esports. In doing so, Park became the first esports front office executive in the NBA. Almost exactly a year later, Park brought the Rockets into the NALCS, launching their own esports team, Clutch Gaming.