For years XLIVE has been providing resources and information to the esports and live event industries. The XLIVE Esports Summit is the only esports event catering to both established esports industry executives and non-endemic brands and organizations, to discuss esports industry growth, fan engagement, talent development, brand partnerships, monetization strategies, the development of teams, organization infrastructure, collegiate-pro ecosystems, player unions, and more.

In 2019, the global esports market is expected to reach $1.1 billion in revenue, with $897.2 million (82%) drawn from expanded media rights, advertising, and sponsorship.

Attend the XLIVE Esports Summit to meet the leading organizations and executives at the forefront of the esports industry and gain insights into how game publishers, tournament organizers, professional teams and global brands are playing a significant role in investing and fostering the growth of the esports community worldwide. This executive summit will enable you to make sense of investment options, brand partnerships, talent development, risk factors, scalability, technology implementation, and more.

At the XLIVE Esports Summit you will:

LEARN–from senior esports executives to identify the business opportunities and barriers to entry in an industry with a global audience that is expected to reach $1.1 billion in revenue in 2019, with $897.2 million drawn from expanded media rights, advertising, and sponsorship.

UNCOVER– the market factors influencing professional sports teams, athletes and brands to actively invest in the esports industry.

DISCOVER– How professional sports teams, athletes and brands are developing strategies in esports.

EXPERIENCE – Two days of networking and interactive discussions with industry experts from the most successful team owners, tournament organizers, broadcasters, agencies, brands and more.

ENGAGE – a passionate community of executives that are committed to the growth and sustainability of the esports industry.

Who Attends?
This event will convene team owners, esports athletes, tournament organizers, sponsors, pro teams investing in esports, game publishers, streaming platforms, media, federations/alliances, broadcasters, consultants, legal firms, technology providers, talent agencies, product developers, venture capitalists, and other organizations serving the esports community, creating an intimate event focused on developing a growing ecosystem and community within the esports marketplace.


The Esports Insight & Information Your Organization Needs

Discover the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in brand partnerships, creating live events, analytics, monetization strategies, industry growth, broadcast reach, technology implementation, fan engagement, talent development and more!


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